Patch Sword Art Online : Reality Dream Patch 3

Sword Art Online: Reality’s Dreams ULTIMA – Patch 3 with Grand Arena Event
  • Floor 5 Out Of Range Boss Bug Fix
  • Missing BGMs
Floor 1 -> Black Iron Castle -> Room of Resurrection -> ROOM OF RENEWAL
Available Player(s) for Renewal: 1
Grand Arena Event: Fight with the three new comers in the Grand Arena. More fighters to come next week!

How to Download ? Click Here
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  1. can someone help me plizz ..
    Offset: 0010b19c WTF ...

  2. i have finished the latest update so far, the errors i see are that..
    1)the weapons in the upper floor are not usable my character although i have already met the requirements
    2)some items in the pet shop are not usable
    3)i do not gain any ability points now every time i level up 10 levels, currently level 85
    4)i have gained the drink of life but used it to increase my hp, but it's needed for he bloodhunter quest, is there any other way to obtain the drink of life item aside from the old woman's?
    5) each time my pet levels up, the screen says new skills acquired but whenever i try use them, there are no skills shown on the menu..

    these errors may not be visible to you, but it is to me.. xD
    can you please check it out for me? thank you.. :D

  3. I cant play when i dont get points to increase my skills when i am lvl up

  4. why is the game always crashing?

  5. @rahmta : what is that ?
    @rango : oh i see i'll report that
    @anony : you get point every 10 or 5 lvl up i think...
    @anony 2 : you already patch it with this patch ?
    and it doesn't crash before ?

  6. it crashes before but when i patched it... it became worst -_- 1 to 2 battles and the game crashes

  7. after it crashes...i'm sending error reports but nothing's happening

  8. hi guys i want to report a bug somehow when i reached the 1st floor boss before i tried to put the stats points and i noticed i had 200 and when i used them all and return to the game my level was 704 and all stats 99999 i'm currently on second floor.... does that happen only in me

  9. wow, that's cool if that happens to me, although i haven't tried playing a new game..
    one more error, can i still do the dog quest? where can i find the cake? i found cakes but they're not doing anything good.. the dog would just look and go away..

  10. i have problem like that ...
    it crashes before but when i patched it... it became worst -_- 1 to 2 battles and the game crashes... yeah same like this ...

  11. The same happen to me. When i reached floor 1 boss there is a guy when i talk to him i am lvl 402 and have 2020 points to increase my skills

  12. thanks for your report all hope this will be fix soon >.<

  13. @ floor 6 where can i find this BGM:Underground Storm???

  14. put the song you want to BGM folder rename it with missing name audio

  15. Hello, I've downloaded SAO-RD V2 NEW Release installer and patch the game by sequence from V.2.0 bugs fixed --> V.2.0 patch 2 --> patch 3.
    Tried the game and noticed my TP's gauge keep decreasing (sometimes down to 0) when new battle encountered. is that a bug?