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Download Sword Art Online : Infinity Moment (CSO) for PSP


Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2013.

Description :

This is a game, but you are not a player. A KO in Sword Art Online means certain death. Veteran gamer Kirito leads the players to the 75th level of the labyrinth, and there he defeats the game master Heathcliff. However, that isn't the end of the story, because he still hasn't found a way to log out and bring his friends back to reality.

The game takes place after the end of the first story arc. Kirito and his friends are on the 76th level of the labyrinth. The creator of the series, best-selling writer Reki Kawahara have designed new trials for the characters. In this game, you will be partnered up with an AI controlled character, by fighting with him or her side by side, you can raise your partner into someone you can truly entrust your back to.

First Download And Install This BitTorrent

Pass : Ishimaru
How to Download ? Click Here


  1. what language is this? only japanese?

  2. this game has japanese and english patch download what you more prefer

  3. the english version has had no seed for the last 2 days at least... is there any way to get it in english?
    Eeven a single Seed can make worlds flourish (ok, sorry for the strange reference xD)

  4. yeah i already try it...
    i'm still searching it...
    please wait okay...

  5. don't worry. the only problem is that I - like many others - really want to play this. Hope we'll get the english version soon! :)

  6. yeah i hope that too...
    pray for me to get the english patch soon ^^

  7. the link is dead... and if im not wrong, there was no seeders..? :o

  8. Torrent has no seeder, I know a direct link at but it blocked my IP adress.

    If someone could download it and reupload it somewhere else or make a new torrent to it might be great.

  9. the link is not dead it still can download...
    torrent no dead link it just no seeder...

    the english patch is the broken ne...
    but for the jpn version I can download it

  10. -sigh- really wanna play this in english

  11. i want to play this game so bad that im not bothering with the english patch, ill play, get a feel for it then when i can finally find one or it gets released over here then ill play english :D

  12. for english patch i'm still searching...
    tough it really hard i'll try find and share it heree

  13. We all are hoping that you can find the english patch XD I've tried to download it from a site but, unfortunatly, it said that the download doesn't work for my IP (I'm in Italy, I've even tried using a VPN USA connection but it failed)... If you wanna try I'll leave here the link for that site:
    (You have to skip a lot of ads, but if it does work for you it's not really a big deal).

  14. Shin if u check the code of the site you'll notice that it's not an IP blocked state but it's a written paragraph... just go to download and see that there's no sao eng patch download in there..

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sorry, I didn't have noticed... In the Youtube video where I found the link, in the information was written that not all of the Country IP's was accepted and when I go to the page said the same thing, so I haven't explored the site... I'm going to continue researching, if I find something I will post here the news :)

  17. thanks shin :D

    if I can say it's just the trick to trick all of you so he can get money from the that's why you will feel strange cause the so many...

    don't visit that site anymore :D

  18. so... would you mind seeding the torrent?

  19. the link is broken you don't need to download the english patch from that site...
    i'm on searching it...

    please wait

  20. Im just new here and just read the comments. So when there will be an english patch for this game?

  21. i want to know
    why i stuck at the first loading?
    Can you tell me?

  22. stuck at the first loading ?
    when i use this on psp it's fine

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. @Yosafat
    what is your system software? maybe that's the problem that's why you are stuck on loading?. i think so..

  25. But when I play black rock shooter I was not stuck at all, only when I play SAO: infinity moment the only game I stuck

  26. It would be very much appreciated if the english patch could be seeded again.. or if someone could send it to me. (Send details to:

  27. For SAO it's not compatible yet with psp emulator maybe the emulator not updated yet...

    @martin : okay...
    it's on proces

  28. its eror in my psp. say "the game could not be starter. (80020148)"waht i suppose to do??

  29. @ admin maybe you should upgrade your custom firmware

  30. when i download is it in english language?

    i really really like to play this game but
    i cant understand if its japanese :)

  31. I cannot download it -.- 0 seeds -.-

  32. for english you can't seeds cause the torrent is "FAKE"...
    remember this please

  33. anyone who has the patch would you PLEASE. send it to me? QwQ

  34. this is the link i download it from :

    sadly,its japanese. but here's some walkthroughs.
    1 :

    2 :

  35. hey retards you guys need to go watch the actually anime, none of that stuff happened after kirito beat Heathcliff. leafa never showed up in the game. idk what bs SAO: infinite moment is telling y'all but its not true.

    1. You do realise that this game is meant to go on a different story arc from the anime and the novel? Its not the actual story of the game. I think everyone is aware of this as it is even mentioned in the game synopsis above.

    2. Also anime is not the REAL story, manga is

    3. All of you are wrong. The light novel is the REAL story.

  36. Ive downloaded an english patch for this game. Patch v0.6
    Someone patched? Cause Im patching and since 30 min, its not ending.
    Does it take so long patching it?

  37. you already patched it ?
    All of us here not patched it to english

  38. I see.
    Dunno if its really working, though.
    Patching takes too long. 3h yet... and not finished.
    There is a youtube Video with game link + patch.
    All comments are like: How long does it take to patch? - They all try; some guys stopp after 30 min, after 1h, one said he tried patching 2 days. There was a comment that it should take onle ~20min. But I guess its a lie, just an ad or to get more comment counter.
    Its a pitty, but I think it won't work with this patch. It won't finish.

  39. i cant DOWNLOAD the SAO game ;( why??

  40. @anony : yeah maybe it's just a scam :D

    @analito : I think you can Only download japanese version for english version it's not available

  41. Hey, do you have the english patch ?
    I Have the link but I Can't download it, because it keep opening new tab..
    here is the link :
    perhaps, someone can re-upload it somewhere

  42. continue searching youtube for the patch click on the link and go through all the ads and you will get it

  43. check on my post for english patch I already share it...

    i'm not test the patch cause my brother bring my psp to my hometown :(

  44. Ok, the game, i've got it. Now i need a patch that WORKS someone has one?

  45. junichiro
    can you send link english patch for me?
    i'm lazy to check you post
    because your post too much -,-


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