Download Sword Art Online PC Game : Eternal World V.3.0.0

Okay everyone this the update all of you already waiting for..
don't forget download the RTP first but i think everyone already have it...
if you doesn't have it please check prev post...

- when download enter the captha then press the button 'authorize download' (Mediafire) - Press the blue button 'download' (Sendspace) - Extract your downloaded file to: SOA_VX, X depends on what version of the game you downloaded.
- Press 'yes'.
- Your game should now be successfully patched.
- Enjoy the game!
List Update
Sword Art Online PC Game (Beta Tester)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.0.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.1.0 + Patch)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.2)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.1.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.1.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.2.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.2.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.3.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V3.0.0)  New
How to Intall
First Instal RTP 1 First Time only after you already have it you don't need This RTP things
Then Instal Like usually
What New ! (Update V1.2.0)
-More Bug Fixes
-Side Story at Floor 2
-Martial Arts Skill with its own skill set.
-New Monsters and Field Boss
-Monster/Boss Difficulty adjustment
-Weapon Values adjustment
-Weapon/Armor Text Size Change
What New ! (Update V1.2.1)
-Tolbana Quest 3 now have assist of me getting you through and start fighting.
-Some Item location is not changed
-Argo Quest scene will no longer loop
-Random leveling is fixed
-Change class will no longer heal you, less exp lost from class change
What New ! (Update V2.0.0)
V2.0.0 Changes
-few text fix from V1.2.1
-Item, weapon, armor, and ingredient value adjustment
-New City in floor 2 with my own special event.
-Floor 2 Dungeon with floor boss
-Few Arts/MP Arts effect and damage have been adjusted
-Early stage of synthesis, cooking, and blacksmith is now available in Urbus.
-Class change bug, unable to equip swords is fixed
-Shadows and abnormal graphic effect is fixed
-Urbus Quest House now have 2 mini-quest and 1 cross over
-New BGM, picture, and monsters.
-Kirito now have more accurate graphic.

What New ! (Update V2.0.1)
- bugs and Text fixes from V2.0.1
- Alchemy Quest

What New ! (Update V2.0.2)
- Bugs fixed from V2.0.1
- Large amount of text fixed
- Game freezing up when Argo being chased is fixed

What New ! (Update V2.1.0)
- Bugs and text fix from Alpha 2.0.2
- Rumarf Village done + Kill quest
- New Forest Map
- Forest Path Map
- Elesra Main City (unless it has a name)
- Auto-Save system every 120 Step or any upgrade/changes involves any item in inventory. (Have its own file)
- Change in player exp curve (larger) and increase in monsters exp from 2-10
- All monster attack will do at less 10 damage instead of 0 when hit
- New Monster, Item, and skills. also some adjustments from previous version
- Church now offering blessing with 300 Col Fee

What New ! (Update V2.1.1)

- text fix from Alpha 2.1.1
- Class change bug is fixed and now you will lose blessing as well as exp upon change.
- Skills and equip bug after changing class is fixed
- Kill quest bug is fixed
- Asuna Dual Attack skill bug is fixed and Dual Attack has been renamed to Dual Slash.
- NPC Shop unable to access in Elesra is fixed
- Linear skill animation has changed

What New ! (Update V2.2.0)
- text fix from Alpha 2.1.2
- System Interface change
- Volume control
- Battle Result Changed
- Elf War Quest Added
- Monkey Kill quest change to Getting back Banana from monkey
- Game Over scene is fixed
What New ! (Update V2.2.1)
- few text fix from Alpha 2.2.0
- Elf War Quest bug fixed
- Skill bugs Fixed
- Banana gathering quest bug fixed
- Elven Lake is now open

What New ! (Update V2.3.1)
- few fix from Alpha 2.3.0 / 2.2.0
- Christmas Search Event Fixed

What New ! (Update V3.0.0)
- few bug fix from Alpha 2.3.1
- Changes in Skill, Monster Exp/Col, and few Item price
- Misty Forest is now open with entry level requirement
- Floor 3 Boss and gate to floor 4 open but F4 have nothing
Video Link :
Beta Tester
Game Play

The Link below already have patch link inside
please read the title Game Download and Patch download

Pass : Ishimaru

*i already update the walkthrough video link to help you completed the Quest...

New Patch : Here New Info !!

How to Download ? Here
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  1. Can you please post the link for the patch only?

  2. okay please check it later in one hour

  3. can you post the link for the patch

  4. he said he's going to later bro

  5. more like... it's already there ._. just enter the link and it'll lead you to a list, pick the Patch-Only and that's it

  6. the first response showed a day ago, not in the same day, and i was expecting him to made a new link or something that showed the "Patch-Only" link. i wasn't gonna click on the download cause i didn't want a whole new version. so chill with the duck face, i didn't know

  7. the patch link already inside that link....

    please read carefully...

    thank you..

  8. lol he said he didn't know, I thought the same thing seeing how when i came to the blog it didn't have anything new but that, who knew it was in the same link o_O
    thought i was gonna be waiting till i saw a notable change like a post or something derp

  9. the patch already inside the link..

    that for make the easy link so all of you not click and click the link again...

    so just one click

  10. i did read carefully, you said"this game already include all the patch" which just sounds like your saying this version of the game includes the latest patch which is why i didn't click on that because i already had the game, just wanted the latest patch. now if you said "this LINK already includes...the latest patch update as well" i wouldn't have asked for the link because i known from "reading"

  11. I think his English isn't that great, so try to bear with it a bit. Have to be a little bit more understanding with him I guess.

  12. i'm changing it because all of you misunderstanding it...

    i said that because this is the newer version so all patch from Game V.2.0.0 to V.2.2.1 already inside that you no need download all patch again.. understand ??

    @anonymous : i'm sorry if my english is bad but no body perfect in this world... thank's..

  13. can someone post the pw for the link i tried going to it and i tried what i think were the pw but they failed so if someone could give it to me that would be great

  14. @Janzen : I already mention the pass below the download button is that failed ?

  15. oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to be rude or anything, i was just trying to help Gary understand the situation a bit better

  16. @anonymous : no prob...

    i'm too, lately i'm tempered so i feel like want angry...

    sorry then...

    feel free to ask if you have prob...

    sorry if my english is bad :D

  17. Hi, thanks for the game and I Have a problem u.u
    Yesterday I was playing with the version 2.1.2 and have a save data in the first city at third floor, after that I Installed the version 2.2.0 but when I tried to load my save data but I can not =/, I tried again with the version 2.1.2 and the save data charge normally. From version 2.2.0 to 3.0.0 I can't load my save data T_T.

    Do you know who load my data in newest version? =/

    Thank you for the game, I really like it ^^

    PD: Sorry if my english is bad ><

  18. oh ok thanks, i'm sorry if i made things hard on you >.<

  19. well first . thank you so much for this game :) .i never played the pokemon kind of game before . and i wanna know a little more about easiest way to level . because it takes so much time . i am at floor 3 and only lvl 9 while asuna is lvl 24 O.O

  20. @anony : you already copy your save01.rvrdata things ? if you have your save data from V.2.1.2 copy and paste it to newest version...
    if you still can't load then wait for info i'll ask the creator...

    @mark : yes.. please wait.. the game is still updating...

    @Gary :no prob ^^

    @mohamed : it's like RPG so you must take more time to level up your char...
    it's really like some bug at the game...
    but if asuna lvl 24 isn't it make you easier to level up ?
    that need a hardk work...

    please wait more update to fix the prob...

  21. @Junichiro Ishimaru: yeah, I did never move that archive, if I place the V2.2.0 or more and try to load, the save data appear with my character at the same level and time, all same, but when I press to charge the game, sound same like I press a empty data, like a negative sound u.u.

    I'd try with the versions 2.2.0, 2.2.1 and 3.0.0 and always the same problem, and when I replace to the V2.1.2 I can open my save data.

    Thanks for the answer but did not work.
    And sorry for my bad english ><

  22. hey sorry about this i have a problem just like the guy above me only except i started on the 2.1.0 version and now i'm trying to move my files to the latest 3.0.0 and i can see my character data but i can't access the data on the latest ver. is there any way you can help me

  23. @all : Okay EveryOne looks like this problem is so many...

    please wait till this friday or saturday for the solution...

    i already ask how to solve the problem but he's ( the creator ) not respon yet maybe he's too busy to update or fix the game..

    please be patient ^^

  24. Ok, thanks, I'll wait, thanks for answer ^^

  25. is it ok that i only have the V2.0.0 game and i will just download directly the patch for v3.0.0??

  26. @anony 2 : i'm not sure but my suggestion is download the game V.3.0.0 instead the patch because... all patch from V.2.0.0 alreaady patched to game V.3.0.0...

  27. Then I'll have to start the game from the begining?

    PD: I'm the anon 1 :P

  28. So the new update is coming friday

  29. @hunter : if you want to killing time rather than doing nothing play from begining but if you want to wait for the answer so just wait :D

    @mark : i'm not sure yet but as fast as i can check the update on friday...

  30. Guess I am the luckiest one my Asuna is level 99
    Btw I cant access the third quest of floor 3 it says the bgm is missing... Will it be in the next update or do I have to download the bgm from somewhere else

  31. Please update soon TT_TT

  32. @gagan : maybe you must wait for the next update...

    @mark Flinch : not yet i'm still waiting the creator finish the work...

    @anony : please patient i'll update the game as soon as possible if i have get it...

  33. :( so no update today

  34. Um just wondering since im begining the SAO game. can you please send me a link to where to get the download?

  35. @anonymous : i'm sorry but i already search everywhere for update please be patient :D

    @nikki : i'm sorry i'm not sure where i get this link... i get it from forum and other website.. just blogwalking from google :D

    @all : for anyone who can't load the save data, patch your SAO game until the version 2.3.1 with features auto save after you patch it copy your autosave to folder V.3.0.0

    *i'll update the patch for version 2.3.1

  36. I just updated the game. It doesn't allow me to start my old save file...

  37. @shadow : what version you use ??

    you can use V.2.2.1 if i'm not wrong and V.2.3.1 to use features autosave...

    copy your save data to V.2.2.1 or V.2.3.1 and play after you play 1 hour copy your autosave data to SAO V.3.0.0

  38. This blog is nice and amazing. I really like your post! It's also nice to see someone who does a lot of research and has a great knack for writing, which is pretty rare from bloggers these days.

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  39. @frank : Thank you please visit us back..

    @mark : i'm sorry, please be patient i alredy work hard to find it..
    check my other post with Sword art Online : Alfheim Online RPG V3.6.1 hope you will like it ^^

  40. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject. Your blog is very unique, thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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  41. I am waiting for the AO update too but i want this to update cause i was waiting on this the longest

  42. what is the password?

  43. is the game continuous as you update the game?

  44. @patricia: Thanks you visit back again

    @mark : why don't try my other post AO RPG maybe you can play it until i update the new version EW ^^

    @jhanzkie : yes, please wait and patient for waiting the update

  45. Is there a way to make this full screen of a larger window? its soooo small...

  46. @Anoymous yes open it and press F1 and pick full screen

    But i already waiting on the new update for both now i am bored :(

  47. @mark : you already play AO RPG ? O.o

    that was fast playing...

  48. Sorry to bother, but in V3.0.0 how do I change classes. I don't like being a martial artist lol

  49. Like a boss a the new patch me a wait on for both now

  50. Please Update Again when there's new about this game Thanks :D

  51. @shadow : idk maybe i'll ask them to make change class

    @mark : still searching :D

    @anony : okay... visit again

  52. is floor 4 soon ready?

  53. Hi there, I've played the game and got to the 3rd floor. when i installed the update 3.0 i was unable to load my old game,can it be fixed???

  54. Very Nice website... I am going to bookmark it. Thanks for making the website like this one.

  55. @anony : not yet

    @rtionneplm : read my comment...

    hope you'll find how to load it...

    use version 2.3.1 or 2.2.1 then copy autosave to your newer version

    @dfg : thanks please visit again

  56. how many treasures are ther in floor 2.? the path to the boss.

  57. @jhankie : idk *lol
    cause i'm not playing that because still searching for the update of this game...

    i'm sorry but if you want i'll give some guide later

  58. how do i download the v3.0.0 ?
    i dont get it .

  59. i downloaded the new patch still, i cant play with my saved games.. after i press load it shows my records but none of it is able to play. but wen i use the old patch i can play it.. i also tried downloading the new game v3.0 and then copy the records of saved games but i still cant play what should i do?

  60. can i ask how can i fit the strong wolf? because i am level 6 and stil cant find him, i watched the video and bi defiting him ther will be the sumoning in the sity but i cant fint the wolf so i want to ask if somebody can hwlp me

  61. great web site for me dude, Thanks for such an amazing games

  62. Was Horuka Forest purposely made for us to start over? Lol I am lost... I keep going back to where I was even when I take different routes...

  63. @anony : just click the download picture then Skip the ads where at top right corner

    @01Ace10 : use autosave features, the autosave features is available at V.2.2.1 or V.2.3.1

    @PCGD : Thanks And Visit Back

    @Shadow : idk maybe it's the hard part from the game... ^^

  64. how do i work game?

  65. no shortcut or anything?

  66. I play the patch Game from V2.1.0 and I Download the new patch V3.0.0 but I can't download my Load Game.
    Yeah, maybe I can Load the Autosaving but there is many bug like random Skill that I never get.
    Is there any solution for this ?
    Thank's before .

  67. @anony : open your sao folder and run the game.exe

    @rey : thanks for your report i'll give the answer after i find the answer ^^

  68. Same question as Rey
    Rey says:
    January 18, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    I play the patch Game from V2.1.0 and I Download the new patch V3.0.0 but I can't download my Load Game.
    Yeah, maybe I can Load the Autosaving but there is many bug like random Skill that I never get.
    Is there any solution for this ?
    Thank's before .

  69. @mark : i'm sorry the SAO : EW is not update... idk the reason why but i think they collect all bug and fixed it ^^

    @renan : please wait for the answer ^^

  70. in this version there is a bug at the starter town portal ..the top texture has on the wrong layer (mask)

  71. when i try to download come this on the page

    Complete a survey to unlock this page
    This page will instantly unlock once action is completed.
    Average time to complete survey is 34 seconds.

    but there were no x to close and when i click on them my anti-virus blocked it

  72. @Anonymous:
    go to the top right of the screen and click "skip ad"

  73. where can i get cooking skill?

  74. anyone know how to get past the survey when you try to download it it won't it's completed when i do one.

  75. @anony : no prob i just want this blog have a fun and making friend ^^, please tell your brother that...

    @david : just klik the skip ads at the right top corner

  76. sorry I wasn't very specific on that one when. I skip the ads and put in the password and type the verification I get a small box with other ads in it and the download page is darkened behind it and i can't click it

  77. i'm not do that but if you can please make a screenshot so i can help you...

  78. my kirito doesnt get skill: Counter I skill (lv 5/6 req)
    maybe coz i using katana until lv 7? or its bugged?

    and i found when kill the rock (2nd floor) for matrial arts quest, my kirito got "Sparkling Punch" skill when using one-handed swordman job. its cost 0 TP, deal higher damage than 1st skill (5TP), and hit all enemies. i found this skill reallly damn so good for 3/ more normal mobs especially in 2nd dungeon (vs bats& spiders)& misty forest (vs giant hornets). sadly when i tried FIX skill, the skill forever dissapear T^T..

    also for the walkthrough about another ending elf wars(ep17/18) i dont know how to start from, it suddenly just talk to chief? and fight all 4 elfs

    lastly pls fix asuna when meet at 3rd floor. its not fun anymore if her lv 10+ more than kirito,,

  79. uhm, the link to the game download has a password.. i cant access to it, .. can i ask for the password.?

  80. @anony1 : okay thanks for the info it's looks like you enjoy it...
    please wait for the next update...

    @anony : i already said the password at my post.. please read it carefully

  81. i have sent you a screenshot via email as i have no other way to do so

  82. When will be the update?, i just dloaded patch v3.0.0,,i finished the 1st v2.1.0 just today, or half day i guess,when will be next update?,im just addicted to the game, as i was with the anime,hope teh update would be released soon, so that i wont have to wait so long to play on different floor .. thanks for the game, and MORE POWER!! :)

  83. Ok i Succesfully repatched my V2.1.0 to V3.0.0, BUT, i just noticed it says that V3.0.0 fixed the change skill or job bug ?, when i was using v2.1.0 i manage to change job of kirito to martial artist, but i cannot return to being a swordsman, when i repatched to 3.0.0 i thought i should be able to go back to being swordsman?, but when i see the skills of kirito the swordsman skill on others is gone, and some skills have been added to kirito and asuna, asuna now has iron defense, but doesn't have the dual slash skill, kirito has this skill named tailed beast, but it doesnt say any information,

    just wanna ask, is this the way it should be? or i've done something wrong with my repatching ?

    thanks for the answer,im looking forward to it

  84. @david : i not put that... but my suggestion is please try again.... cause i never find that problem before...

    if you still find that prob. email me..

    @harver : thanks... for patching you just extract the downloaded patch to your folder game then overwrite but... backup your save data first

  85. i just want to ask ..
    that my saved game in eternal world is playable in alfheim online just by copying the saved game profile ?

    and i hope that the next patch is not only the unfinished F4 or full F4 but several floors so that i can enjoy playing cause i'm bored grinding and grinding .. :p

  86. Is The ALO Game Already Done? is it finished game? or is it like SAO, thats being updated from time to time?

    :D i hope that SAO have the same rules as the anime, that you die if kirito dies XD

  87. @michael : no, the two of them is different game..

    @harvey : from what i hear it's finished...
    so when you play the game if kirito dies not game over ? O.o

  88. Still don't know how to fixed the random skill from V2.1.0 to V3.0.0 ?
    I looking forward for it .

  89. @junichiro, yeah youyeah game wont be over, but your life would be :D,,

    @rey. i encountered same issue, and i found a way to fix it, go to any floor on the game, then at the teleport portal, theres a man there, name PKM,, talk to him, then he will said, due to technical issues, skills are blah blah, i can fix it for you, then wait for 6 dots( ... ... ) then it done :) hope it helps you

  90. can someone send a link or post a link here to where to dload the ALO?,,i wanna play it also, while waiting for the next patch of SAO

  91. genial =D tipp: MP Magie points in SP Spezial pionts Oder skill points

    Rename da sao has no MP = D sry my english is not good

  92. @harvey thanks for your help...
    check on my post..

    @anony : owh..

  93. @Harvey: Thanks~
    Now I can continue my game without stuck in Floor 3 again.

    For the blog owner, may I know who design the game ?
    I also make it too~
    but, not good as SAO like you share.
    or maybe you made it this game ?
    I want to share my experience and know more about design it .

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. yoh.. i already installed the game, but an error occurred when I open the game.. it said "Failed to initialize DirectX audio"

    .. what to i have to do?

  96. junichiro thanks :)
    i now dloaded ALo :)

    still no date for the next patch of SAO?,i cant wait for it

  97. @rey : it's not me who design the game, but if you want you can send to me the game file from email, so i can try play it as beta tester *lol

    @dhanie : still find that ? check on google... what you need because that's your computer prob... i'll help you later because i'm so busy with my real world now so the reply will be late...

    @havey : your welcome,
    not, i already search everywhere even from the creator forum self... it's not responding from the creator, hope all of you can give idea so we can make our own game ^^

  98. excuse me . .

    I wanna ask if there's a fullscreen in this game , bcs it's so small T^T

    I try the F1 the fullscreen , but there's no difference at the game resolution .
    it look like this
    *the game resolution stay the same .

  99. 1 month pass and still waiting for the nxt patch of EW .. ):

  100. @michael : yeah, it's not updated yet...
    they always say working it X_X

  101. Where is the donwload link?

  102. anony : its above this discussion panel, or below the part where it says all that is fixed during each patch, theres a word there that says download, beside a beautiful girl :D

  103. I found a bug I think?
    After entering mist forest at floor 3 and moving to floor four, the mist is not removed from the fore and background, anywhere I go, even if I reload the saved game.

    Nice game tho :) I do hope patch for new floors coming soon.

  104. Plus one time the file got a missing BGM... In the third crossover battle, in which I rectified by placing a file with that missing name for now. I do hope you guys fix it too. BGM missing file name is "Awe of She".

  105. @AJAX15 okay thanks for your info... please wait for more update...

  106. i can't download it,,.
    can u guys help me??
    or make a new link,,.

  107. Hi, I downloaded several links i found here, that they 're needed for the game but there r no exe file for game start... why s that??

  108. Hey, the creator is PKM. Well, since he busy with his real life, the project is suspended. So, I'm creating my own SAO Game called SAO: Reborn.
    Why not try it? Here's the forum link:

  109. I have an Error that say's Game.exe Has Encountered Need To Close

    What Do I do Please :(((

  110. @Richie if you want your link posted just say here and don't make the other confused and i think you know manner how to asking people

    for new link i will post it to you please wait for one days because my computer still at error stage...

  111. i cant pass the survey

  112. cual es la contraseña para poder descargar el parche??

  113. @anony : just click the skip ads at top right corner

    @daniel : use english please so everyone can understand

  114. When is the estimated schedule of the release of the new patch? Thanks!

  115. hey dude after we get through the ad, and type password and everything, a popup pops up and wont let me go through... it says u have to complete a survey to get through. and there is no skip or X button

  116. @all : the creator busy with his real world so the project suspended that's the info i got...

    @anony 2: okay please wait i'll post to you how to download...

  117. what is patch link ?

  118. @all : i'll post to you Sword Art Online : Reality Dream it have 11 floor rather than this game have been suspended did you agree ??

  119. replace the SAO:EW with SAO:RD i think RD is much interesting game

  120. when is next patch planed?

  121. @michael : you don't need replace it, it different game...
    but did you replace the game and can play it ??

    @anony : this game already suspended because the creator is so busy...

    check my new post

  122. junich can you please post here link for the other SAO please?, im getting bored already :D

  123. junichiro please give me the rtp please... i cant play the game....

  124. I just finished the 3rd floor and wanted to know when is the release of the 4th or SAOEW 4.0.
    And btw how many floors do you think you are going to do?

  125. @harvey : check on my post...
    @nabil : This
    @anony : this game SAO version is suspended because the creator is no longer make this game... because he's busy...

    if you want check my post SAO : Reality Dream...

    it have 11 floor...

  126. umm,I want to play this game but should I download from beta tester or V1.0.1 or the latest patch file?

  127. the game SAO : Eternal world is suspended... that you need try is SAO : Alfheim Online (Demo Version) or SAO : Reality Dream don't forget read the post title patch or game ^^

  128. Can I play the game, if I only downloaded the latest version? Or I still need to download the old versions?

  129. when new update launching?

  130. yes you can just download this version game..

    @anony 2 : if i call this game is suspended there is why this game no update anymore

  131. Every time I try downloading it a box comes up asking me to "complete a survay to unlock this page" and if i click on one of those it says Problem loading page... whats going on I would love to play the game

  132. did you already follow the instruction to download the game and passed the survay ?

  133. What is the pas*word it says that this link is protected by a pas*word?

  134. wat is the unlocking code? plzzz tell me

  135. read all post please ^^
    the pass is Ishimaru

  136. I already have v3.0.0 but at Floor 4, it say "floor 4 main city is not available"... why?

  137. this game is suspended that's why the main city is not available....
    the creator no longer make this game...

  138. JUNICHIRO ISHIMARU, a V.4.0 exists?

  139. wow....
    nice info thanks...
    i search everywhere and don't find it and the info is the game suspended...
    did you already try the game V4.0.0 ??

  140. where is the link for rtp?

  141. can you post the link for the patch

  142. Harusaki SachikoMarch 4, 2013 at 6:52 AM

    Hi, may I know how does the game inside looks like? Is it like pokemon character? Thanks..

  143. @anony : did you see the RTP word in post ? just click it....
    @azfar : okay please wait...

    @harusaki : yeah like GBA ^^

  144. Is this multiplayer?

  145. beluma ada update yang baru

  146. how do i download, where the Rtp.And i clicked the download link and it needed to complete a survey. Please reply

  147. this is not multiplayer ^^
    @i3lue : there is no survey what you need is read how to download section ^^

  148. It says RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this me pls

  149. @mikhail : i think you already download the RTP X_X
    just check on my post i already put RTP link on my post...
    just read all my post >.<

  150. This game looks amazing! I don't know much about programming, but I think it would be awesome if this could be made into an apk file. I would love to play this on my Galaxy Nexus!

    Another thought is making it into a gameboy game file to play using My Boy emulator. Like I said I don't know much about programming, so I don't know how hard it would be.

  151. @michael : this game easy to make what you need is some skill to design the character and imagination yeah if you want to make it to your nexus it'll need some programming to make it can be played hope you always stay update at our blog thanks ^^

  152. new here.. sir can u give me the link to download this game..

  153. @joniric : just click the download button ^^
    i already give the download button with the bishoujou girl near it.. >.<

  154. what is the password for the download file?

  155. This is a very stupid beginning game, the agi is so slow and cant even escape from monstaer at all. So Imbalance man.

  156. i think i already said the password that just all of you doesn't read it at all >.<
    @cho jet : the game is not stupid dude...
    i play this game and can escape i dunno why you can't did you fight the big boss or stronger monster ? O.o
    and no one ask that question unless you >.<

  157. thanks a lot for your valuable sharing,right from the beginning till end it was really very informative.I can witness the experience and steps you have taken to accomplish this wonderful work.

  158. Junichiro when i play the system says Not Found File in BGS Battle1

  159. It said "RPGVXAce is reuqired to run this game" what should i do??

  160. @dvd dist : thanks :D
    @ karl : hmm.. did the file corrupt...
    try extract again...
    if still can't play, i'll update the file...

    @muhammd : download the RTP :D
    i already put the RTP link just check it...

  161. hello, if i download the very first version, should i download the next version or i can just patch it with the latest version (3.0)? sorry im not really a pro when it comes to this T.T

  162. no you just download this version it's already compatible to all version... if i write the title patch then it's patch only but if not then it's already include patch and game so you just download the game

  163. So if you download the game NOW, this will be the current version (V 3.0.0)?

  164. loved the game!!!
    when does floor 4 gonna be finished??
    and i think there's still a bug on the get banana from monkey quest 'cause i've been killing monkeys for almost 3 hours now and not a single banana dropped please check on it thanks

  165. try new patch V.4.0.0
    hmmm thanks for your report...

  166. hey..i can't play the game...when i download it just show up in a notepad..not in a form of a game..any advice about my problem..please reply ..:c...i really want to plat it..

  167. download the game version not patch and open the game.exe after you extract it...

  168. Hi guyz please help me how to download this game I don't even know how to well my dad isn't here so it's hard to download it please help me

  169. i already include the download button did you already see the download word thing ?
    if you confuse see my post about how to download at my site ^^

  170. I wonder that this game is same as an GBA (Gameboy Adv).... But that a good job... ^.^

  171. O Jogo Sao ( Sword Art Online: Eternal word ) esta fixe :D
    Mas o modo de batalha -.- ta mesmo uma merda...
    1 demora bue a upar!!
    2 os mostros sao muitos fortes e para pagar pra o kirito ir dormir é 180$ -.- essa partes ai estao mesmo merda!

  172. When I meet Asuna for second time (on the 3rd floor) she is level 69 O_O I don't have much problem with it but I consider it as a bug :D you can't have made your level 69 only on the 3rd floor you know...

  173. And also when you beat the floor 3 boss the fog remains. It is everywhere :|

  174. como baixo esse jogo por esse site ...
    Alguem me ajuda ai

  175. If the game already download, need to download the new patch??

  176. yes if you download this game version you don't need to download the patch but...
    if you want V.4.0.1 ++ you must download patch V.4.0.1++ that's it

  177. press ALT + Enter or press F1 to adjust it

  178. When I start the game everything goes fine until I get into battle. The tutorial battle works, but once I leave Starting town and enter the first battle with the wolf, I get a message saying music is missing and the game immediately crashes. Any help?

  179. The music file is supposed to be called Fight! anyone know what music was used so I can find it and place it there myself?

  180. extract it again if you still find the same problem i'll upload the music to you...

  181. Where can I get the awe of she bgm file for crossover battle 3? I'm tired of browsing the internet already. No such luck

  182. can you give me a link for the newest version??

  183. for Audio BGM just find what song you like and place it to your BGM folder after that rename it....
    for newes version please search on my post...

    lately i been busy with the real world and maybe please read all comment so it can help you... ^^